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How to save up to 60% of your time when tendering freight rates? Freight tenders are a key instrument for reducing transport costs, but tenders are time consuming because we still work like it’s 1999.


Freight tenders: Why are we still in 1999?

MS EXCEL is king!

For a company with a freight volume of EUR 20 – 100 million the duration of a tender is 4 – 6 months. From a freight volume of EUR 100 million upwards the effort for an entire tender is at least 140 man days, presumably due to a higher number of internal interfaces and corporate processes as well as additional strategical elements and more complex in the form of the procurement volume.


Which system do you use to evaluate the freight rate quotes from your logistics service provider?


Source: Fraunhofer SCS

When the shipper has received the offers from the freight forwarder, the company evaluates and compares the offers. In eight out of ten companies surveyed, this evaluation is Excel based which takes a lot of time due to complex freight rate structures and large amount of data. How to reduce the time and effort for a freight tender?


Work like it’s 2020 when tendering freight!

SHIPSTA improves your tender analysis!

With the tendering platform SHIPSTA time can be saved in all of the phases of the tendering process. This leads to an average time saving of up to 60% for our customers when using SHIPSTA for their freight tenders. Since the evaluation is “the heart” of every freight tender and it is extremely time-consuming to compare various offers of the logistics providers – SHIPSTA’s focus is to improve your analysis process:

To do these kind of complex analysis SHIPSTA uses clever algorithms to handle the large amount of data. Instead of analysing excel files with freight rates you will be able to compare the freight quotes at the touch of a button.

On our platform you can easily create complex tender matrices and try different scenarios to choose the best price option for your business. You decide what’s most important for you: price, lead time, internal supplier ranking or one of the many other factors. It is also possible to quickly analyse and compare historical and current freight rates of your suppliers. Define your Analysis once, and re-use it for every following tender! Not only will this save you a headache and up to 60% of your valuable time but most importantly it will save you real money.





SHIPSTA powers smart logistics procurement with a digital platform that connects shippers and carriers to ensure a frictionless procurement process for spot and contract buying, entirely online. It automates complex tasks, provides unrivalled visibility and supports fast data-driven decision-making. Designed and built by experts in logistics procurement, it is bringing transparency, automation and efficiency to the global logistics industry. It is used by some of the world’s largest companies to respond to market volatility, control freight costs and manage risk. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Mertert, Luxembourg and Hamburg, Germany.