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Ocean tender season is about to start! To keep up in today’s volatile market, industry leaders are adopting a new and powerful procurement strategy: multi-tender procurement. 

In this webinar hosted by Supply Chain Movement, we'll be joined by industry leaders Continental and CLAAS to discuss how multi-tender events have helped them navigate the uncertain waters of procurement. 

Do you want to know how to secure capacity and gain competitive freight rates in this market? Then you can’t miss this webinar. Join us on Wednesday, September 1st at 4pm CEST to learn how your corporation can reap the benefits of a multi-tender strategy and set yourself up for smoother sailing in 2022. 

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What will we be talking about? 

  • Multi-tender events:  Find out why shortening your tender cycles is the secret to a successful 2022 
  • Lane segmentation: Learn how splitting your key lanes will help you deal with disruptions
  • Index-based buying: Discover you can move from long-term to monthly agreements without incurring any additional work
  • Procurement Automation: Learn which smart tools will give you market visibility and make tendering more efficient.

Who will be presenting? 

Dierk Carsten Harries, Global Category Manager Ocean Freight FCL at Continental 

Sascha Gees, Corporate Purchasing – Head of Logistics at CLAAS

Oliver Ritzmann, Co-Founder and CPO of SHIPSTA

Moderator: Marijn Lofvers 

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SHIPSTA powers smart logistics procurement with a digital platform that connects shippers and carriers to ensure a frictionless procurement process for spot and contract buying, entirely online. It automates complex tasks, provides unrivalled visibility and supports fast data-driven decision making.

Designed and built by experts in logistics procurement, SHIPSTA is bringing transparency, automation and efficiency to the global logistics industry. It is used by some of the world’s largest companies to respond to market volatility, control freight costs and manage risk. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Mertert, Luxembourg and Hamburg, Germany.