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At SHIPSTA, we want our customers to get the best rates on the market, so we’ve integrated real-time market intelligence into our SHIPSTA platform.  

This brand new feature is empowering our users to make data-driven decisions by identifying the perfect moment to tender lanes, reducing their freight spend.  

Here’s how the SHIPSTA Market Intelligence integration can turbocharge your freight procurement and save you thousands.  

Instantly identify lanes that offer potential savings 

How much could you save on your current contract lanes? 

ShipstaSCAN instantly identifies which lanes you're paying above the market rate for - and tells you exactly how much you can save!

This enables you to focus on tendering the lanes that have the biggest impact on your strategy, so you spend your time in the most optimal way.

Automatically tender lanes 

Once the real-time market intelligence has identified which lanes you can save on, you can tender these lanes with just a click of a button and automatically source new freight.  

95% of the tender is automated by the system with predefined requirements – so you can achieve cost savings without any extra work.  

Power agility with real-time data connected to current rates  

No other tool will provide you with breakthrough visibility on market prices like ShipstaSCAN.

Powered by over 280 million data points, ShipstaSCAN uniquely combines robust real-time data with an autonomous procurement platform. So you gain unrivalled up-to-the-minute market rates for your specific lanes and can reduce your freight spend without any manual effort.   

Here’s how ShipstaSCAN works: 

  1. Identify saving opportunities on your lanes
  2. Hit ‘tender’ and your RfQ will be automatically run by the SHIPSTA virtual assistant
  3. Sit back and relax as your new reduced rates roll in.

Right now, ShipstaSCAN is available for all ocean freight lanes. 

SHIPSTA is the only procurement platform that combines market monitoring with autonomous sourcing. Every day shippers are joining SHIPSTA. Speak to one of our logistics experts to start making savings on your lanes right away. 



SHIPSTA powers smart logistics procurement with a digital platform that connects shippers and carriers to ensure a frictionless procurement process for spot and contract buying, entirely online. It automates complex tasks, provides unrivalled visibility and supports fast data-driven decision making.

Designed and built by experts in logistics procurement, SHIPSTA is bringing transparency, automation and efficiency to the global logistics industry. It is used by some of the world’s largest companies to respond to market volatility, control freight costs and manage risk. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Mertert, Luxembourg and Hamburg, Germany.