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Are disruptions and sky-high rates making your 2022 budget seem untenable?

We've created a brand new calculator to help you get your annual budget back on track and offset some of this year's rising rates. 

Accurately calculate your freight budget 

Companies across the globe are reassessing their original freight procurement budget in line with the massive disruptions that hit the freight market in 2022. 

Using forecast and internal data, our Cost Avoidance Calculator assesses your current budget to calculate whether it's in line with this year's increases, so you know if you need to adjust. 

Discover how to offset rising freight costs

Once you calculate your accurate freight budget for 2022, then discover how you can offset the rising rate costs this year. The Cost Avoidance Calculator gives you a breakdown of how you can cut your spending this year and where you can save money. 

Try the calculator for free today, and find out if you can beat the freight rate hike of 2022. 

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SHIPSTA is a digital platform connecting shippers and carriers to ensure a frictionless procurement process for spot and contract buying. It automates complex tasks, provides unrivalled visibility and supports fast data-driven decision making.

Designed and built by experts in logistics procurement, SHIPSTA is bringing transparency, automation and efficiency to the global logistics industry. Some of the world's largest companies use SHIPSTA to respond to market volatility, control freight costs and manage risk. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Mertert, Luxembourg and Hamburg, Germany