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When you’re running a global procurement team in these uncertain times, discovering new and innovative strategies can be tough. But it’s the leaders who keep up with the latest ideas and are always learning who come out on top, especially in today’s complex freight procurement market!

There’s no better source of new ideas than TED Talks. Only the most innovative thinkers are invited to speak – so it’s the perfect place to access world-quality thought leadership.

We’ve pulled together the best TED Talks for freight procurement leaders to help you innovate your strategy.

1. On how to innovate in the field of freight

freight procurement

The number one challenge that multinational shipping companies are facing today is lack of data visibility and internal integrations, leading to a lot of money being left on the table and huge inefficiencies further increasing costs.

In this Ted Talk, freight expert Oren Zaslansky digs deeper into the possibilities ahead of us to make supply chains less resource-intensive using data, not only from a capital and infrastructure standpoint, but also from a carbon standpoint.

Is your organisation starting the journey towards sustainable freight procurement? You can start by gaining visibility into your carbon emissions using the SHIPSTAPlanet Dashboard.

2. On thinking differently about supply chain challenges

supply chain challenges

Your team undoubtedly faces some significant hurdles to get your goods from point A to B. But do they have to arrange for someone to wade through a lake carrying your cargo on their head?

Well, this is something teams delivering vaccines to remote parts of the world had to face. The hurdles involved in these remote deliveries mean around 50% of the vaccines didn’t make it to their destination in a usable condition.

But this didn’t dishearten logistics expert Katie Francfort. Instead, she used this challenge to inspire us all to think more boldly. In her TED Talk-cum-thought experiment, she asks: “What if mosquitoes could have a role to play in the supply chain of vaccine delivery?”. In asking this question, she pushes us to look at challenges as a potential solution.

This TED Talk is the perfect inspiration if you face significant hurdles to deliver your goods. It invites you to look at your challenges in a new light and think outside the box.

3. On how you can globalize your shipping strategy more!

shipping strategy

When you’re managing a global freight procurement strategy, the world probably seems very interconnected. Well, according to globalisation researcher Pankaj Ghemawat, it’s not!

In this TED Talk, he argues we’re not living in a truly globalized society – he thinks we’re not even close.

He breaks down the facts and figures to show there’s plenty more opportunity for globalization. He argues if more of us recognized this, we could find new ways to innovate. This is especially worth thinking about when you’re working within the global supply chain, as a more globalized world makes moving goods easier.

This TED Talk is the perfect inspiration if you’re looking for new opportunities to innovate your supply chain, and it’s a great reminder that you can always go further than you think.

4. On how to become a better freight procurement leader

procurement leader

Whether you’re managing a large or a small procurement team – your leadership skills will have a massive impact on your team’s motivation. It’s you who’s ultimately responsible for the success of your shipping strategy, so empowering your team to success is crucial.

Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud discusses her leadership style with veteran journalist Stephanie Mehta. She lays out her approach of "leading with humanity" and how it can help in building trust amongst employees. 

This TED Talk is perfect if you’re leading international and multicultural teams in your business in times when connecting remote employees worldwide and addressing burnouts is crucial.

5. On understanding the size of shipping’s sustainability challenge

shipping industry

We all know Maersk, but it might surprise you to learn that most people don’t.


In this Ted Talk, Journalist Rose George discusses how little the average person knows about the shipping industry – in fact, they barely think about it at all. She calls this ‘sea blindness’ and highlights how this phenomenon means very few people recognise the negative impacts of the shipping industry. From seafarers taken hostage by pirates to dirty bunker fuel emissions, there’s a lot that goes unnoticed.


She calls for the shipping industry to become more transparent and for consumers to also increase their awareness of the problem. So why is this important for you? We’re all wondering why sustainability has suddenly become the hot topic in shipping - well it’s because consumers are losing their sea blindness. This TED Talk lays out why our industry has been able to fly under that radar for so long, but it’s also a stark reminder that time is over and we need to start making positive changes.


6. On the future of supply chain transparency


supply chain transparency

Cracking the code of sustainable shipping can feel impossible. There are just so many cogs in the wheel and few of them offer any transparency. But you don’t need to despair! Entrepreneur Markus Mutz shows us, using technology, you can create a truly transparent supply chain and make sustainable choices possible.

Get ready to be inspired by how advanced supply chain technology is today. And discover how it’s making what was once an impossible challenge achievable.

Your freight procurement team can also achieve transparency into your emissions using technology today. Click here to learn how autonomous procurement solves the problem of data transparency and visibility, no matter how much you’re shipping.

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