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We are thrilled to announce that SHIPSTA’s Digital Freight Sourcing and Procurement platform won the  Startup of the Year 2022 award at the Logistics Summit (Hamburg, October 5th-6th), one of the main events for logistics digitalization and innovation in Europe!    

This great honor comes as another strong recognition of our impact and value in the industry, right after we won the Best Procurement Technology Provider 2022 at the World Procurement Awards. 



Startup of the Year 2022 at the Logistics Summit

In front of more than 1.000 attendees, our team captivated the audience by showcasing how our Fortune 500 customers are leveraging SHIPSTA to save logistics costs and manage market disruptions across all industry segments.  

Special thanks to the Logistics Summit organizers, the sponsors from BLG Logistics and the audience of leading experts, who voted for us from a great line-up of 40 other startups. 


SHIPSTA's impact on the freight procurement industry

SHIPSTA was launched in 2019 as a Digital Freight Tendering Platform to help enterprises run their transportation tender entirely online. Companies turned to us to transform their traditionally manual, work-intensive and costly approach to freight sourcing and procurement. We pioneered the digitalization of the highly complex Rate Management process and Rate Cards across all modes of transport, through a fully digital, centralized and flexible solution. 

Thanks to the platform's usability and scalability, SHIPSTA was quickly adopted as the main partner for procurement and logistics teams in managing their freight rates. Our unique Rate Management tool became the heart of the platform, while we continued to expand to meet the rapidly growing demand for our advanced procurement technology.   

Today, SHIPSTA's Digital Freight Sourcing and Procurement Platform enables all procurement-oriented transportation management for more than 100 enterprise clients across the world.  

The platform interoperates with the entire supply chain ecosystem, providing connections with freight settlement, supply chain visibility, TMS Solutions and other legacy systems. 

Fortune 500 companies and other leading names are leveraging SHIPSTA to enhance their outcomes in 4 main areas:

  1. Cost savings and cost avoidance
  2. Significant efficiency gains
  3. Data transparency and unique insights
  4. Supplier risk management 

More than 2,100 users worldwide are building their success story together with SHIPSTA.  

We are proud to deliver such an innovative solution that is improving the performance of global logistics, as well as to receive once again a great leadership recognition from industry experts. 

And this is just the beginning!

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